$175.00 per month

Family membership. Any 2 members that reside in the same household are eligible.

New to CrossFit?


We do allow children to participate in CrossFit, but each child will have to be proven to be coachable, self aware and have the desire to participate. No children under 11 years old.

Children in CrossFit

If you have not been trained in CrossFit, you must first start by completing our Elements class.

Elements are 3 separate, one hour classes that teach you the basics of Crossfit. Each class will be adapted to your fitness level, where ever it is.

$150.00  to get started

Includes: 3-one hour elements classes and your first month of training. Use the Contact us page to schedule your first class.


10 Classes for $100.00

If your schedule does not allow you to participate often, buying classes allows you full access to all scheduled CrossFit classes at your convenience.

Police, Fire & Military

Student Discount

Full time students are eligible for 20% off membership.

In appreciation of our local hero's we offer 20% off membership to full time members of police departments, Sheriffs, State Highway Patrol, Fire departments and all active duty military personnel.


$20.00  Must have experience

Welcome experienced CrossFitters,

we have a 1 week drop in rate of $50.

Please arrive 10 minutes early, to sign a waiver.

We have a filtered water station, to fill your water bottle.

$100.00 per month

There is no commitment with this membership and allows full access to all scheduled classes.