Covid 19 - What we Expect

Each and every class you will be expected to do the following...

Wear a face covering, if you want to.

Upon arrival, use hand sanitizer or wash hands

If you need to change your clothes/shoes, return items back to your vehicle

All of your items will be with you, in your WOD space

Warm-Up, Skill and WOD while in your space or at a designated station

Clean up items you touched and gather your own items

When leaving, use hand sanitizer again and drive carefully!   

Please Do Not....!

 If you are sick, in any way, Please do not come to the gym.


Wear a face covering, if you want to

Follow 6ft Social Distancing  

Keep your hands clean  

Do not touch your face

Clean up all equipment used 


CrossFit Reynoldsburg

CFR Covid 19  Precautions and Restrictions

What we have done:

Painted all paintable surfaces

Replaced all Mats

Replaced Bands

Detailed cleaning of all items

New toilet seats

Purchased Center Pull-Towels

Estab. Contract Tracing ability Reduced Clutter